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Kayla Garland

Kayla G.

United States

187 posts

So I have my common blogs that I always look at every day, but I want to see some more cool blogs. If you post about DIY, and edgy outfits post your blog here with a photo of from your best post!

I know a lot of bloggers want new followers so let's help each other out.

If you follow my blog, I'll follow yours back!!!


2 years ago

Kayla Garland

Kayla G.

United States

187 posts I just found this one which is super awesome!

0 · July 4, 2012

Amber Callender

Amber C.

United Kingdom

167 posts

mines not really DIY or outfits, its more photos but check it out!

0 · July 4, 2012

Fernanda Minillo

Fernanda M.


21 posts

Mine is

Untitled 1

Made this Cross Leggings a while ago!
I have some other stuffs i made it, or customized :)
hope u like it!

0 · July 5, 2012

Hannah M

Hannah M.

United Kingdom

898 posts

i'd say my outfits have an edge to them, check it out and follow :)

0 · July 8, 2012

Roni E

Roni E.

United States

54 posts

DIY floral crowns:

0 · July 8, 2012


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