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Toni Caroline

Toni C.

United Kingdom

84 posts

This year I'm going to Glastonbury but I'm also looking to go to a few others, possibly smaller or less known about festivals...maybe you could shine some light on some hidden treasure I haven't yet come across^^


...what is you favourite festival and why?

almost 3 years ago

Nora A

Nora A.


15 posts

Man I wish I was going to Glastonbury sadly it's across the pond! But I really like this festival called the Ottawa Bluesfest I go every year .Some of the acts this year are The Roots, Skrillex, Erykah Badu,death Cab, Girl Talk, the black Keys ,and other peeps I can't remember. This year I'm also going to Osheaga Festival which is in Montreal the line-up's pretty boss:)

May 30, 2011

Sandy Rushton

Sandy R.

United Kingdom

1185 posts

Friends Of Mine (aka FOM fest) was last weekend, it's a tiny little festival at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire - right by my house - which is awesome! If it's on next year then I reccomend it.

Also, Latitude and Kendal Calling are brilliant smaller festivals.

May 30, 2011

Charlotte S

Charlotte S.

United Kingdom

654 posts

I love watching Glastonbury on tv! & Radio 1's big weekend.

This year I'm only going to a little one again, Summer Sundae with Example, Blood Red Shoes, Warpaint, Everything Everything, The Maccabees, Little Commets, Dionne Bromfield, Chapel Club, Newton Faulkner, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Dutch Uncles & McFly lolol.

I'll go to a bigger one next year likes leeds festival

May 30, 2011

Corina Catalina

Corina C.


22 posts

this yeah i'm going to peninsula festival, in romania. there's ROOOOOOCK. they yet not announced who will perform, but i hope for kings of leon and take that. there will be beastly

May 30, 2011

Sophie Rebecca

Sophie R.

United Kingdom

4363 posts

I've been to Reading twice and Isle of Wight once. Reading was amazing, I think it depends on the people you go with more than the actual music. I had so much fun the first year when everyone I know went! IOW was too kiddy for my liking. Lots of pop music and very family friendly. I'm going to Bestival this year. A whole weekend of fancy dress?! Cannot wait!

May 30, 2011

Cabrini Boston

Cabrini B.

United Kingdom

152 posts

last year I went to Lovebox and Underage, but this year I'm going to lovebox and I might to do Summer Sundae :) Underage looks really bad this year, and it looks too expensive for the line up

May 31, 2011

Will C

Will C.

United Kingdom

84 posts

Larmer tree is always a good one, or Camp Bestival, Shambala. I shall be missing out on festivals this year as i'm of to Greece for 2 weeks. Shame.

May 31, 2011

Kt M

Kt M.

United Kingdom

15 posts

I'm off to Bestival this year too, mainly for the Cure. I really cant wait for all the dress up either.. me and my friends are going as Jem and the Holograms. I've got myself a new job so I'm not sure at the moment if I can go to more but I'd really like too.

May 31, 2011

Toni Caroline

Toni C.

United Kingdom

84 posts

@Kt M.

I want to go to Bestival for the Cure, Cut copy and the dressing up of course...any idea if tickets are still available??

June 5, 2011

Zsófia F

Zsófia F.


100 posts

first festival of the summer (in Hungary) starting on thursday. i can't wait!!

June 5, 2011


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