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Egypt in May

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John Philippe

John P.


376 posts

I am going to Egypt in May and stopping by Jordan and Israel as well...

I am really worried though.. because of all that's happening in Egypt right now. Like tourists are leaving and airports closing etc.

I mean, they're not gonna ban tourists for months right? They love their tourists there. Theyre gonna have to reopen their airports soon. I hope everything goes well.. A lot can happen in 3 months

3 years ago

Diana Antonia

Diana A.


1726 posts

I know that there wont be any swedish flights heading to Egypt in February at all. But hopefully things will work out in a few months.

February 1, 2011

Zahraisabelle L

Zahraisabelle L.


4830 posts

Isn't that kind of selfish?

:/ I'm sorry but I unfortunately have no better response.

February 1, 2011

Sophie Rebecca

Sophie R.

United Kingdom

4363 posts

I'm jealous, I've always wanted to go! Maybe not atm, but I'm sure it'll be fine by then?

February 1, 2011


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