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Casual red lipstick?

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Randi  Butler

Randi B.

United States

2402 posts

how do you all feel about red lipstick as casual wear? i always thought it'd be best saved for special occasions but i'm considering cutting my hair really short, possibly with blunt bangs, and i thought minimal eye makeup and a darkish red would be a nice pop of color.

are certain shades better for casual outfits then special ones?


almost 4 years ago

Randi  Butler

Randi B.

United States

2402 posts

i agree. i don't even wear foundation or blush since i can never find the perfect shade for me.

0 · October 10, 2010

Breanna Barr

Breanna B.

United States

17 posts

it depends on the outfit too. red lips dont work for all outfits. I wear the red lip look often but if i want a girlier softer look i wear pink.

0 · October 19, 2010

Emily High-Fash

Emily H.


231 posts

I love love love red lipstick but have yet to find one that gets all over the place when I eat, drink, talk or even accidently touch my lips! ahh

0 · October 20, 2010

Victoria R

Victoria R.

United Kingdom

87 posts

I love red lipstick, but I'm not confident enough to wear it casually yet,
although I did get like a coral shade that isn't as dramatic to wear in the daytime.

I always feel it should be for a special occasion even though I'd love to wear it in the day. :)

0 · October 20, 2010

Lauran  M

Lauran M.

United Kingdom

776 posts

Lipcote is amazing stuff for keeping your lipstick in place. Its about £3.99 and works a treat!

0 · October 20, 2010

Isabelle Bascombe

Isabelle B.

United Kingdom

23 posts

i looooove red lipstick and wear it quite often, I think it can make a simple casual outfit look instantly more glamourous..
i guess it just depends on what outfit you're wearing it with and what other makeup, if you want it to look casual then don't over-do your eye or face makeup. I personally think a bright, bold colour is great, but I stick to matte ones rather than glossy/shiny, I find that it can look a bit tacky.

0 · October 20, 2010

Heather Louise

Heather L.

United Kingdom

595 posts

If you put lipbalm on first then put the red on with your finger it makes it more casual and less in your face which is good for daytime. also a good idea if red doesn't suit you too well. it doesnt suit me but when i do it like that i can get away with it more.

0 · October 21, 2010

Marin Monroe .

Marin Monroe ..

United Kingdom

3607 posts

The trick is to keep the rest of thefacenatural, and keep it matte. Red lips with a white tee and jeans makes a killer combination

0 · October 21, 2010


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