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Randi  Butler

Randi B.

United States

2402 posts

hey lookbook, how do you like it? :]

i'm going to be honest, other than iced tea i've only have one cup of tea in my life.

so at least here i'll get some ideas!

over 3 years ago

Ellis  Dee

Ellis D.


7615 posts

Fucking Moonies....they manufacture excellent handguns as well.

Kahr Arms is owned by Justin Moon, Sun's son.

August 22, 2010

Marin Monroe .

Marin Monroe ..

United Kingdom

3607 posts

Milk + two sugars

LOVE Earl Grey, peppermint, lemon + ginger, camomile, and I had some cranberry or raspberry and something or other tea the other day which was nice

August 26, 2010

Alien Mystic

Alien M.

United States

143 posts

oh oh oho oh! Im obsessed with tea :) coffee as well, i have to have the two every day.
I love earl gray the most, the other day i had lavender earl gray and it was amazing, it was powerful and floral.
rose petal tea is also amazing, gun shot ( ibelieve the name?) is great, it's one of the strongest teas out there!
there is also this caramel vanilla, i thought it would be gross but its nice when you dont feel like having the strength of coffee

August 28, 2010

Aurora .

Aurora ..


3744 posts

mint + brown sugar.
or one of many many other kinds with nothing in it.

August 28, 2010


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